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Personal Finance SAGE - the complete guide for organizing and managing your financial situation.

SAGE Guide to Personal Finance
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The SAGE Guide to Personal Finance will provide you with information and tools to get organized and get your financial life on track.  Whether you need a complete financial overhaul or are just interested in learning more about personal finance, this guide will help you get organized and on your way to improving your financial health.

We have designed the Personal Finance SAGE Guide to be a simple, content rich resource for you to use in planning and managing your financial life.  Whether you are looking for resources about specific topics or help with your overall financial picture, this guide will provide you with useful information, tools and links to help you. This guide is applicable to people of all ages and income levels and you do not need any special personal finance knowledge to get use of it.  We want to help you develop a roadmap that will give you the freedom and peace of mind to do what you most want -  


                                              ENJOY YOUR LIFE.

Take Control of Your Money and Your Life with The

SAGE Guide to Personal Finance

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q      SAGE Guide to Personal Finance - 134 pages




q      Master Financial Plan Checklist


q      Retirement Checklist


q      Personal Net Worth Statement


q      Daily Cash-Flow Budget


q      Monthly Budget


q      Monthly Budget Compared to Actual

Do you worry about money or lack of financial direction?  You may want to:


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Organize your Finances - Learn How to Keep them Organized

Getting organized is a key beginning to your personal financial success and peace of mind.  The SAGE Guide to Personal Finance provides you with easy to use templates and tools to put it all together. Once you take action you have taken the first step to taking control of your situation.   

Create Your Own Personalized Financial Plan

Once you understand your situation, you can plan and set goals that are important to you in your time frame and without any pressure.  Make the time to take a look at where you are right now and then consider where you want to be.  The SAGE Guide to Personal Finance will help you customize your plan to meet your own particular situation. 

SAGE Guide to Personal Finance will help you:

q       Organize your finances

q       Map out where you want to go by establishing your goals

q       Prepare your financial foundation by creating a net worth statement

q       Develop a budget and cash flow statement

q       Track your expenses and monitor your budget

q       Get out of debt and stay out of debt

q      Create the discipline to save

q       Learn about investment goals and fundamentals

q      Personalize an investment plan

q       Learn what type of insurance is right for you

q      Set your plan in motion


Download your copy of the SAGE Guide to Personal Finance now!


After purchasing the guide, you will be able to instantly download the 134-page guide in Adobe pdf format.  Along with the guide you will also be able to download the following FREE checklists and worksheets:


q       Master Financial Plan Checklist – This checklist (Adobe pdf format) is an essential part of the financial planning process.  This checklist will help keep you on track as you go through the steps of preparing your plan.

q       Retirement Checklist – This checklist (Adobe pdf format) will give you things to think about as you plan for retirement.

q       Personal Net Worth Statement– The personal net worth statement can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format.  By using this format you can change the specific items within your statement if necessary.  The spreadsheet allows you to see all of your assets, liabilities, and resulting personal net worth in one place as of one point in time.

q       Daily Cash-Flow Budget – This helpful cash-flow spreadsheet is an invaluable tool in preparing your cash budget.  This spreadsheet can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format. You can customize the categories in any way to suit your personal situation.

q       Monthly Budget – This budget format is similar to the Daily Cash-Flow budget but is geared to the monthly format.  It is also in Microsoft Excel format.  This budget can also be customized to suit your needs.

q       Monthly Budget Compared to Actual – If you like to compare your budget to the actual results, then this format is for you.  You can download this version in Microsoft Excel format.


SAGE Guide to Personal Finance and FREE checklists and worksheets will be IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE for download at the end of the ordering process. 

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